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How to Use GATRACS

The GATRACS portal is part of the GAFutures web site. To get started with GATRACS, create your free GAFutures account, go to the GATRACS portal page, begin entering your course history.

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Create your free account at GAFutures to access GATRACS.

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Enter your course history into GATRACS using the GATRACS Transfer Wizard.

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Explore transfer opportunities and compare results of two institutions at a time.

Disclaimer: Understanding GATRACS Search Results

Transfer search results in GATRACS is not comprehensive. The results reflect courses that have previously been reviewed by the selected institutions for transfer credit. Use the results as a guide, only. The minimum grade shown may be higher for some courses, depending on the degree program. Courses are added as transfer students enroll at the institution. For more information, please send your application and transcripts to the selected school for official evaluation.